Sunday, April 17, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore Here We Come!!

It's a sunny day today here in KLIA..the rhythm playing fast beat as fast as the day come and go..Hmm its been half a year this blog not been so many reason for not having good, great time to spend on this wall..macam-macam kerja buat yang harus dibereskan, seribu satu macam kerenah yang harus dihadap and lastly berbagai urusan yang harus dikhatamkan.

Its been quite sometimes hubby and doter want to have vacation and my apologies for delaying the holiday. We bought the ticket to USS and plan this trip and finally managed to go and enjoyed ourself together. Buat pertama kalinya Aleesya get to ride on the train. Ha wa and hubby want to be a bit adventure and we went to Singapore using train, to experience the coach with bed together with my niece family. So two family in this trip...

We departed to Singapore at 12am and arrived the next day at 8am, not bad, not so tiring, slept well. Checking in into sister property CHS Orchard Rd. After having lunch and take a short break for a while we then experiencing Singapore town trip via the Hop On bus. Wah Kota Singa telah banyak berubah wa dah lama tak kesini. Experiencing the tour was so good..Now got Singapore Flyer bagai tapi wa tak berani nak naik tinggi giler..

Malamnya we venture the shopping experience at Rangoon Rd Mustafa Centre. Gila the shopping mall open 24hrs and you name it what you want they have it..Branded stuff was quite cheap here. Wa terkesima kasut Clark bagai diaorg main campak campak jek but ntah kenapa wa baik pulak kali nih taklah shopping sakan even siang tadi along Orchard Rd was having sale up to 70%. Good also so duit wa selamat...duit hubby kurang selamat shopping bagai kasut Aleesya..

Carik makan along this road was a bit tought at last jumpa this kedai Nasi Lemak 18 in Rowell Rd..Wah wa thumbs up for the food. Sedap giler nasi lemak and nasi goreng dia..I guess the only kedai melayu along this Little India town..Pukul 1:30am baru selesai shopping di Mustafa

We make a trip to Sentosa Island in the morning early in the morning to be exact, Arrived Universal Studio Singapore before they open at 10am. Time to snap photo here and there and kuciwa coz the trademark Globe USS was under renovation lah plak. Hmm but its ok banyak mende lagi yang wa and family akan today is the day. Mak ai kekanak so hepi just like a dream come true...Aleesya suka sakan..

Wa must said nice place nice experience...but dah faktor usia ni definately wa takkan take a ride on roller coaster yang tinggi giler tu..just yang lite lite tu oklah..among all wa menyesal ikut hubby and my nephew naik roller coaster kat Egypt town tu bagai nak pecah jantung wa..Grr sangat. A 3D movie at Shrek Castle was the best. Get to take photo with the cartoon character so kekanaklah yang suka sakan, Mami & Dadi kekanak pun suka gak ahakkksss!! Wa paling teruja nengok Princess Fiona dia yang cun ha ha ha taklah macam dalam cite indah sangatlah pulak Princess Fiona dia in person mungkin dah habis sumpahan kut he he he. The hollywood town dia so cun...

Finish touring all the venue now its time to shop some USS trademark buy some T-Shirt and fridge magnetic. Wa shopping jek but hubby yang bayo. That's was great right? I like!! Pack some lunch box, popcorn box and bottle drinks with USS logo for collection. My niece pack Garrett Popcorn and its was very nice nyesal lak wa tak tapau. So yummy the caramel, but the cheese tak masuklah with popcorn..So if anyone went to USS don't forget to take home Garrett Popcorn kat Malaysia takda. Adoi ai terliur dah ni howlah? We reach hotel at 9pm Its was hectic day but satisfied journey...

We left Singapore the next morning at 11:30am and safely arrived Seremban at 7pm. Total of 8 hours in a train. Penat? Taklah jugak coz boleh jalan and had a cup of coffee in the train cafe. You asked me I prefer train than bus, flight dah tentulah convenience kan but for kids experience it was good at least diorg learnt something and soon I heard no more train at Tanjung Pagar..tergadai sudah!! we had this conversation with the taxi driver while on our way to Tanjung Pagar Train Station and I reserved my comments...

ADIOS!! Another trip together with lovely ones..

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